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Searching for Roma activists’ traces

Spanish Team is happily busy in these months. Since July, we have been working in different archives and documentation centres trying to follow the traces of the Romani figures we seek to know better: Helios Gómez, Sandra Jayat and Ronald Lee, among others.


The famous European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, Poland, has been the venue for the HERA Joint Research Programmes (JRP) «Uses of the Past» and «Public Spaces» Conference on the 11th and 12th of September 2019. Some members of the BESTROM Consortium (María Sierra, Eve Rosenhaf, Anna G. Piotrowska, Juan Pro, Tamara West and Begoña Barrera) attended this conference, which aimed to showcase the research being undertaken by HERA funded projects and to raise the profile of the Humanities among national research councils and the EU.

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