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María Sierra's article is awarded by European History Quarterly

Once again, BESTROM has good news to share. María Sierra's article "Creating Romanestan: A Place to be a Gypsy in Post-Nazi Europe" has been awarded by the editors of European History Quarterly as the best contribution of the year, to be available from now on in Open Access. The editors of EHQ, an academic history journal dedicated to the study of Europe from the later Middle Ages to post-1945, highlighted not only the fine work, but also the important topic María Sierra's article tackles. 

Theatre in the Time of Covid

With our partners the Bremer Shakespeare Company and Aus den Akten auf die Bühne, we are developing a script for a performance focusing on the experiences of two generations of German Romani horse traders. The BSC/AdA partnership specialises in dramatic readings composed entirely of original documents, with scripts compiled by director Peter Lüchinger from material supplied by historians. Usually the documents are assembled by students under the guidance of Dr Eva Schöck-Quinteros at the University of Bremen. For BESTROM, Peter will start with sources generated by the project teams. Dr Schöck-Quinteros’ students will carry out supplementary research and support the project in practical ways as part of their training, for example by transcribing and collating manuscript sources and reflecting on effective ways to communicate the story to different audiences.

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