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Romani political presence and the discourse of hate

In Spain, 22 October 2020 not only saw the rejection in parliament of the motion of censure brought by the extreme right-wing party, VOX, against the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez. That day also saw an event full of meaning: the standing ovation given to the Gitana MP, Beatriz Carrillo de los Reyes, led by her colleague and the government’s parliamentary spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, who made a point of mentioning Beatriz Carrillo in her speech from the podium when responding to the motion, and dedicating an “Arise, Romani Women” to her in the Romani language. The rallying cry "Opre Roma" is a slogan common to Romani organisations throughout the world. It invokes the capacity for struggle and resistance of a historically persecuted European people, who have been subjected to a form of racial prejudice that has been particularly successful in achieving its desired result; the Nazi holocaust was the extrem, but not the only, nor the last manifestation of this racism.

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