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Philomena Franz, Narrator of the Romani Holocaust

Philomena Franz's memoirs, originally published in German in 1985 (Zwischen Liebe und Hass: Ein Zigeunerleben), have just been published in Spanish. The Spanish edition is edited by María Sierra, author also of the study which closes the book. The book has been beautifully translated from German by Virginia Maza and has been carefully published by Xordica Publishing House. Ceija Stojka's family has generously allowed us to use her work on the cover.

Und wohin jetzt? [And where to now?] premiere

BESTROM team is very pleased to announce that the premiere of the stage scenic reading Und wohin jetzt? [And where to now?], by our associated parners, Aus den Akten auf die Bühne, in collaboration with Bremer Shakespeare Company (BSC), will take place on 25th June 2021 at 19.30 CET. It will be simultaneously in the Theater am Leibnizplatz and on line.
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