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Searching for Roma activists’ traces

Searching for Roma activists’ traces

Spanish Team is happily busy in these months. Since July, we have been working in different archives and documentation centres trying to follow the traces of the Romani figures we seek to know better: Helios Gómez, Sandra Jayat and Ronald Lee, among others.

The first one to jump into the archives was our colleage Carolina García Sanz, who travelled to London in July to go through all the documentation about the Gypsy Council held in the British National Archives. After that, in September, Begoña Barrera took a journey to visit the Matéo Maximoff documentation centre in Paris, where she could gather valuable bibliography concerning the Romani artists and intellectuals based in Paris between the sixties and the nineties. Finally, María Sierra y Juan Pro have been working recently in the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, where they have found new sources about the figure of Helios Gómez and the role of Romani activists within the anarchist movement.
In the following months, we expect to share our findings and discuss our hypothesis with the rest of BESTROM. The result of this collective endeavour will come out next year in the form of a book and a collective issue in an European journal.
We will keep everyone updated!

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