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My Holocaust. Philomena Franz

My Holocaust. Philomena Franz

We are very proud to announce the launch of the documentary My Holocaust, based on the testimony of Philomena Franz. The documentary is hosted on a multilingual website (English, German and Spanish) where you will be able to find further information about Philomena Franz and this project.

The documentary has been directed by David Navarro, also developer of the website. Our Research Leader, María Sierra, has been the research director and responsible for the script, along with Virgina Maza. We at BESTROM would like to heartily congratulate the entire team that has made possible this more than deserved tribute to Philomena Franz (Please remember that the multilingual introductory study to the memoirs of Philomena Franz, by María Sierra, is also available for download on our blog; just click here).

Here are a few words from the website. You are warmly invited to explore it here.

Philomena Franz, 99 years old and almost four decades after writing down her memories of her youth, approaches us with an account that spans from her childhood to her escape from the horror of the Nazi concentration camps. Philomena tells us with precision the persecution and extermination to which the Roma people were subjected, the modus operandi of the racial police, the day to day life in the concentration camps and how all that horror is part of her story and has forged her as she is today, a survivor, fighter and conscientious woman with the recognition of the genocide suffered by her people under the National Socialist regime.


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