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BESTROM attends "Rethinking Knowledge" HERA webimar

BESTROM attends "Rethinking Knowledge" HERA webimar

BESTROM continues working with our Associate partners in order to accomplish our social commitment with the dissemination of knowledge. A circus performance, prepared by Malte Gashe, from Helsinki team, and Pauliina Räsänen, from ArtTeatro, was released on July 3rd in Finland. After that, Malte participated at the last HERA Knowledge Exchange webminar on 6th July, explaining the meaning of this circus performance in the context of BESTROM project.

Presentation1_page-0001.jpgAlong with him, researchers from other HERA projects discussed the challenges of working with non-academic partners in a COVID-19 context. The event also featured a presentation that drew on 10 years of the HERA JRP programme to interrogate existing Models of Knowledge Exchange as applied to the Arts and Humanities.

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